From actor, speaker, writer, and director, Shari Rigby.

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"Shari Rigby is extraordinarily gifted at bringing a "colony of women" together, as is evidenced by her creation of The Women in My World.  Her love for women is intense, and it is birthed out of her passionate commitment to her Savior.  She is the unique one who wants the best for everyone, who steps up to champion others, which is proven in her capacity to give herself fully to every relationship she encounters, loving, teaching, listening, and encouraging women to cheer each other on in Christ.  This is just the start of what you are going to hear from Shari as she leads The Women in My World to change the culture for Jesus!"  
Suzanne Niles
Co-Author of Fast Friends and Director of Relationship Development for Broadstreet Publishing

“Consider the Lilies is a life-changing, impactful book that every woman needs to read. It is a beautiful reminder of who we are and what God has created us for. Nothing is an accident, and every one of us has great purpose, and when we pursue God with our passions and our gifts, we are capable of so much, especially together. Thank you, Shari, for inspiring us women to find our calling and walk in it!”
Claire Yorita Lee
Co-Author of Beautifully Flawed and writer of Hallmark Films.

“Shari Rigby’s heart for women shines through every page of Consider the Lilies. She candidly shares her own struggles and shares the secrets to staying centered with God in the middle of any storm.” 
Ami McConnell
Faithful Daughter

"Consider the Lillies is such a breath of fresh air. Shari is incredibly gifted at being vulnerable and relatable so that any woman who reads this book will finish it feeling inspired and uplifted to live out their unique purpose. She gives women the tools they need to silence the overwhelming noise of self-doubt in order to experience the true joy and peace of living a life in pursuit of Jesus. As someone who knows Shari personally, I can say it’s more than an honor to learn from her; it’s a true blessing." 
Taylor Kalupa
Actress ~ ABC The Fix

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Shari Rigby made her start modeling and doing commercials. After moving to Los Angeles, she began a career in acting at an age when most actresses were retiring. Her most recent projects include The Summers Sisters TV pilot, Boonville Redemption, and Wildflower, releasing 2015, Not Today, which received seven awards, and October Baby, named one of the Top 15 Impressive Box Office Performances of 2012 by CNN. Shari is currently working on creating faith-based film and television, Bible studies, and women’s conferences.

Shari now speaks to thousands of people at churches and conferences, and she is a regular guest on radio and television programs-appearing on CBN, TBN, American Family Radio, Focus on the Family, K-Love Radio, and many more. She is founder of The Women in My World, a women’s group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, and living life in Hollywood. Shari is also a devoted mother to two boys, Donnie and Levi, and has been married to her husband, Matt, for seventeen years.

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Women today occupy a critical moment of history. Yet Shari Rigby believes many of us toil and spin, unaware that God already has a plan and has already equipped us for our calling. Her methods provide reassurance and a way forward.

Consider the lilies, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.

LUKE 12:27, NASB